"Education, Inspiration, Emotion -- all are always evident at this conference for me.  I learn something new, am inspired by the speakers, parents and children and mostly my heart is warmed to see old friends and kindred spirits." - Jenifer

"The Natural Living Conference is like a gift to myself and my family. I left feeling renewed, re-energized and optimistic about my family's future. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate again this year. I am already looking forward to next year's conference!" - Heather

"Congratulations on a fabulous job! The conference was empowering, energizing and inspiring. It was wonderful to meet so many wonderful moms (and Dads!) who care so deeply about their kids.  Thank you so much for all of your efforts!" - Jen

"I loved every minute of it! What a joy it was to be around lovely, accepting, nurturing mothers and fathers for a whole day!" - Summer

"Walking around the HMN Conference, walking through the Exhibit Hall, listening to (the speakers), seeing everyone learning, living... I was re-inspired to get back where I was! And have kept the motivation going! Thank you HMN!" - 2014 Conference Attendee

"The conference yesterday was a fabulous event.  It was great to meet other people from the organization and to celebrate the leaders.  I really feel like we're on the ground floor of a major movement or operation.  As exemplified by the conference yesterday, it is a very professional, well run organization.  Each one of the lectures was fantastic in its own unique and intriguing way.  I was not bored once.  I was fascinated, delighted, humored and educated.  As you can tell, I feel inspired and excited to be a part of this group.  I've been very ambivalent about holistic living in general, unsure about vaccines, breastfeeding, etc.  Yesterday I found support, guidance, enthusiasm and direction.  I am very glad that I went.  I can't wait to see what next year will bring." - Barbara

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself. What a great experience to see so many gathered for such a positive purpose!  I thank my lucky stars that I've come in contact with all of you - who are inspiring me to do more, learn more and be more to myself and my family." - Mary

"I have not been a member of the organization but felt very much included, and found it fabulous how the participants seemed at ease." - 2008 Conference Attendee

"I always feel rejuvenated after the Annual Conference because of the energy of the other attendees and the knowledge that I have become so empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of my family.  Having my husband there this year was also great for me because he was able to feel the energy and understand why I get so excited about HMN." - Donna

"The conference was great! My husband and I really enjoyed it and felt we definitely got more than our money's worth! The speakers were fantastic...we learned so much in only one day!  I had to leave rather quickly and didn't get a chance to fill out an evaluation but wanted to let you know that everything was terrific! Thank you for your hard work and dedication so that we could all benefit." - Yvette

"Great conference!!!  I thought the day was wonderful. Truly a breath of fresh air to be in a group of people who beat to a wellness drum. Hats off to all the leaders and anyone else who make the HMN network run. I look forward to the next conference!" - Larry

"Wow!  Where do I begin?? I thought that yesterday's event was amazing!  I am already looking forward to next year's conference.  I walked away feeling so proud to be a mom and privileged to be on the leadership team of such an incredible organization!  The emotional highs of the day are still brimming out of my heart and soul today, and hopefully will continue to do so.  I learned a lot and felt that it was so wonderful to see so many others who really do believe in holistic parenting." - Donna