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Organizing and Simplifying for Wellness

Nurse and Professional Organizer, Dawn, will show you how having simplicity and order in your life will actually heal you in ways you didn’t know possible. “Our environments reflect what’s going on emotionally and physically inside our bodies” What is your environment saying about your health? Come and learn the basics of de-cluttering and organizing your home.  Take this approach with any room in your home and completely transform your living space and your life!  Feel the health benefits from living organized, living easier.

Dawn Noble is a professional organizer and entrepreneur.  She is the founder of Balance and Beyond, a Professional Organizing business. She is also the author of How To Start A Home-Based Professional Organizing Business (Globe-Pequot). Her ability to communicate, combined with her compassion and understanding, allows her to connect on an emotional level with her audience. She utilizes her experiences and sense of humor in creating an inspiring, educational, and enthusiastic message.

Dawn began her career as a RN, caring for individuals in their homes.  She saw how environment impacted health.  In her role as a professional organizer, she worked directly with clients to increase their personal and professional productivity through systems and organization. Her experience in the corporate and business world, along with her nursing and home care experience, has allowed Dawn to help individuals create systems in their home and/or office.  She has inspired thousands with her humor filled presentations and workshops, including those in Fortune 500 companies.

Dawn holds her B.S. degree in nursing from Rutgers the State University.  She has received numerous awards for her vision and leadership, both in the nursing world and in management.  She is recognized by her peers as a hard working, passionate mom and entrepreneur.  She is quoted and featured regularly in a wide variety of publications. She currently lives in Middletown, New Jersey, with her husband and three daughters.

SIMULTANEOUS WORKSHOPS (attendees choose one)

Simple Meditation (little effort for big impact)

Come and enjoy a relaxing introduction to meditation.
This is a workshop designed for moms, dads and anyone with a limited focused amount of time to learn how to quickly restore themselves in the midst of daily life. Receive easy to follow instructions on how to meditate with a seasoned teacher. Whether you are new to meditation or tried it in the past, this workshop is a good fit for you. Sounds of the tibetan singing bowls are used throughout to create an immediately relaxing environment.

Jessica Morris is a full-time meditation teacher and singing bowl practitioner leading group and individual sessions for over ten years in New Jersey and New York City. She teaches basic awareness meditation in an inspiring, practical and personally relevant way, helping people connect to the wisdom of the body. 

Her experience includes working with people who suffer from stress, anxiety, grief, illness, depression and those interested in connecting with the spiritual part of their life. 

Website - http://www.downtoearthmeditation.com/

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DIY Workshop: De-stress Tea Blends and Calming Mist Spray

Need a minute to breathe? Join us for a relaxing DIY self-care workshop. We will discuss herbal tea blends that you can formulate to help calm the mind and body. You will also learn to make a relaxing, all natural mist spray with essential oils to promote peace and calming. All participants will leave with a custom made tea blend and scented mist.

Jessica Cicerone spent 10 years as an ABA therapist working with children on the autism spectrum and their families. She is trained as a birth doula through DONA International and is a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and a Certified Lactation Counselor. Jessica teaches Toddler Yoga classes in her local community and is the founder and organizer of the Caldwell CSA. She resides in Caldwell, N.J. with her husband and two beautiful boys, Julian and Noah. 

Jessica created Three Moon Living as an extension of her personal experiences working with women, children and families and her beliefs in the importance of holistic health, natural parenting and community living. In addition to CPES and CLC services, Jessica has expanded Three Moon Living to offer organic skincare products and other homemade remedies for moms and babies. 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/3moonliving 


The Hero’s Journey: Collage and Creative Arts Techniques for Self-Care

This workshop is for caretakers. The techniques explored can also be applied to children and teens. Caretakers are heroic, although if our tank is empty it becomes challenging and stressful to give to others. In this workshop, we will be engaging in collage art making and simple creative practices to center and ground ourselves. This workshop will include discussion about mythologist Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero's Journey' handout to identify which stage of personal development we are currently experiencing. Attendees will leave with their Hero's Journey map and their piece of art, feeling fulfilled and inspired.

Brooke Campbell is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Registered-Drama Therapist, and Board Certified Trainer with over a decade of clinical experience with diverse populations. Brooke was selected by the families she serves as "NJ's Favorite Kids' Doc", awareded by and featured in NJ Family magazine, in the field of creative arts therapy and psychotherapy from 2013-2016. She is the Founder and Director of Creative Kinections, LLC offering creative self-expression approaches for personal and professional development. Creative Kinections has developed partnerships within hospitals, recreation centers, mental health facilities, non-profit organizations, addictions centers, and domestic violence agencies.

Brooke lectures at New York University's graduate Art Therapy and Drama Therapy departments and for the School of Visual Arts. She holds a Master's in Drama Therapy from New York University. As a professional actor, Brooke is a member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television & Radio Artists and Actors' Equity Association. She facilitates workshops and discussion groups for moms at The Mothers Center of Central NJ (where she is also a member) and is co-chair of their groups committee. Her greatest role is being a mom to her three young children.

Website: http://www.creativekinections.com/